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Make your dream home's lighting smart with
CogCons wireless lighting solutions.

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Light Has Direct Impact on Mood

Lights create atmosphere. Warm White is more relaxing mode. Cool White helps us to focus on activities.

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Smart Lighting Products

Master Control

Set room mood light settings through master controller. Control entire room brightness and colour temperatures with simple one touch operation.


Brightness Control

The brightness can be easily adjusted to suit your mood. For example, you can set the brightness to a perfect level while studying and working, and relaxing.

Color Control

The product provides cold white light to meet your daily lighting needs and warm white light with a cozy glow.

Scene Control

There are multiple preset lighting scenarios, and you can set to your desired ambient lighting with one touch.

Room Control

The leaving-home or room modes can be enabled with one touch to create a scenario that matches to your mood and activity while you are in home.

Control via App

Control your home, office or store lights from any where. Group any lights at your home, and simply control all the lights with just one button for both brightness and colour temperature.

Automation Features

Sensor Control

Control lights ON/OFF through motion sensor, light sensor and door sensor. Sensors also control the brightness and colour based on ambient lighting.


The color temperature and brightness are automatically adjusted at different hours of the day and night in keeping with your biological rhythm.

Timer Control

You can set a timer to turn the light on or off automatically at a particular time. Schedule daily routines.

Sequence Control

You can create a sequence of set of lights to turn ON/OFF with delay times one after other to bring smooth transition.


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CogCons Smart Home Automation provides wireless smart light automation equivalent to DALI, this doesn’t require any additional cabling and wiring. There is no limitation on number of devices you want to control. Smart Console interconnects all luminaries into one lighting system. CogCons Smart Home Automation luminaries can be connected to each other as well as to other devices on local or the internet. You can now make any smart light automation products and solutions, and build any lighting scenarios you want.