Smart Factory Solution - IIoT 4.0

for small and medium-sized manufacturers

Pain Points

Machine Data

Machine operational data is the accurate data to measure any industrial output. Getting machine operational timings is always been a challenge.


Traditional Industrial IoT platforms and solutions are data driven. So these are expensive and time taking. Industries need cost-effective on premise solutions.

Alerts & Reports

Getting alerts from machines and key events from the factory is not possible in real-time. Getting performance reports is manual process.

Sequence Control

You can create a sequence of set of lights to turn ON/OFF with delay times one after other to bring smooth transition.

CogCons provides factory solutions that are based on the CogCons IoT platform, retrofit hardware and innovative software. The solutions provide the machinery connection, monitoring, data storage, analysis, reports and visualisation in the production process. These features enable the remote light controls, machine operational data, automated email reports.

Automated Machine Reports

Monitor industrial machines operational timings, receive automated daily reports through email.

Data Visualisation and Charts

Analyse each machine operational timings and shift wise performance. Store operational performance data for months.

Control and Monitor Power

Control and Monitor industrial lights, fans and ACs. Schedule the ON/OFF timings. Save energy and money.

Automatic Attendance

Get automated attendance reports with our advanced camera cameras and facial recognition system.

One Industrial App

Monitor all industrial machines, lights, ACs, fans, gates and attendance from one system. Easily integrated with enterprise applications.



Smart Machines

CogCons smart factory solutions help enterprises realise the smart upgrade of traditional machines, remote control & monitoring, and automated reports.

On-premise or Cloud

CogCons provides both on-premise, secured cloud or hybrid deployment solutions.You can Choose architecture suitable for your organisation.


CogCons solutions are cost-effective when compared to traditional data driven Industrial IoT platforms and solutions.


There is one solution fit for all industries. CogCons creates custom solutions based on your needs. Integrate with your enterprise applications.

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