Smart Store Automation

CogCons Smart Store Automation helps retail stores to save energy and improve customer experience.

Sign Board Automation

Make your brand more unique, stylish and with CogCons sign board automation. Control from anywhere anytime.

Sequence Control

Timer & Schedulers

Mobile App

Add Effetcs

Brightness Control

Color Control

Rolling Shutter Automation

Shutter operation made easier now. Control store shutters in different ways.





Customer Experience

CogCons smart lights and sensors set the store with ambient lighting with right colours and brightness. Design the showroom with power efficiency and make customer astonished with ambulant light when they walks to the products bay.


Reduce Wiring

Machine operational data is the accurate data to measure any industrial output. Getting machine operational timings is always been a challenge.

Control & Monitor

Industrial lights, fans, ACs, motors are biggest contributors of high electricity bills. Responsibility of controlling these are manual and no monitoring on these.

Customer Experience

Traditional Industrial IoT platforms and solutions are data driven. So these are expensive and time taking. Industries need cost-effective on premise solutions.


Getting alerts from machines and key events from the factory is not possible in real-time. Getting performance reports is manual process.


Smart Hotel Automation


Smart Store Automation

Cars Showroom

Smart Home Automation


Smart Office Automation


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