Smart Community Solutions

Make your community smarter with CogCons community solutions, save energy and reduce maintenance cost.

Community Automation

Common area lights, club house lights fans ACs, swimming pool lights, play area lights, gym lights

club house automation
play area automation
swimming pool automation
gym automation

Control & Monitor

Centralised Management & Control


Energy Saving

CogCons smart community solutions help builders realise the smart upgrade of traditional machines, remote control & monitoring, and save energy and reduce maintenance cost.


CogCons provides both on-premise, secured cloud or hybrid deployment solutions.You can Choose architecture suitable for your organisation.


CogCons solutions are cost-effective when compared to traditional BMS platforms and solutions.


There is one solution fit for all the real-estate projects. CogCons creates custom solutions based on your project needs.

Community Safety

Gas leakage, fire and smoke detections sensors. And intelligent remote software system for maintenance team.

basement parking automation

Basement Parking Lights

Reduce unnecessary lighting with motion sensors and zonal dimming controls

car parking automation

Design community solutions for your project talk to expert.

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